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   Australia's native birds are of great interest to both the novice and expert bird watcher. 
Snowy Mountain Holidays enjoys a number of native bird species which frequent our gardens.  Many are here all year long, many are migratory and frequent seasonally. 
Some of the more interesting species are the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Kookaburras, many types of honey eaters, Superb Fairy Wrens and many more.
 When spending time on or by the river you are able to see a variety of different species of birds who frequent the river and surrounding lowlands. 
In the air there are often hawks, ibis, kites, pelicans, the Nankeen Kestrel and occasionally a Wedge-tailed Eagle. 
You will always be entertained by Crimson Rosellas, Galahs and Sulphur Crested White Cockatoos.

rainbowbeeater at snowy mountain holidays                  spinebill at snowy
        mountain holidays               Bird of Prey

crimson rosella at snowy mountain holidays        Pelican        swallow

king parrot at
        Snowy Mountain Holidays  

          The Upper Murray area and surrounding national parks have a generous array of wildlife with wallabies, kangaroos, emus, platypus, wombats and echidna.   
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